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Dream Team Group

We are an APD licensed group home centrally located in the City of Miami just steps away from Coral Gables.  We provide a safe and beautiful home with all of the supports and programming needed.  Our top priority is for our residents to have the best quality of life.

Our staff is trained and certified through APD and have all needed credentials to serve our residents.  Most of our staff either has a child or a family member that has a disability which inspired them to work in this field.

We have fantastic community relationships that enable us to be involved in some of Miami’s most exciting events and community service opportunities.  Some of these community friendships include:  Best Buddies, Special Olympics, City of Miami’s Get FIT program and Baywatchers Swim Team and Salsa classes.

A Group Home

A group home is not an institution, hospital, foster home, supported living or an Adult Living Facility (ALF).   If an individual needs or is looking for this alternate kind of placement, a group home is not the right place for them.

An APD licensed group home is generally a house where up to 6 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities may live.  Group homes are located in neighborhoods alongside other homes that will appear just like the group home.  The goal is to have group homes be fully integrated in all communities and so their appearance is no different from another home in the same neighborhood.  The most excellent group home in the world is not a house, it is a home.

While a group home needs to be home for the individuals who live there, there are important differences:

  • Group homes have trained staff 24 hours a day and there are several staff shifts in place in order to help residents with their daily needs
  • All staff is fully trained to work in an APD licensed home
  • Individuals in group homes will reside with other individuals who are unrelated
  • Individuals in group homes receive training (residential habilitation)

Residential Habilitation

The Agency for Persons with Disabilities uses an active training approach to customer care.  The service/training is called Residential Habilitation and this training is carried out daily in group homes.

Residential Habilitation provides supervision and specific training activities that assist the recipient to acquire, maintain, or improve skills related to activities for daily living.  The service focuses on personal hygiene skills such as bathing and oral hygiene; homemaking skills such as food preparation, vacuuming and laundry; and on social adaptive skills that enable the recipient to reside in the community.  This training is provided in accordance with direction from the recipient and reflects the recipient’s goal(s) from their current support plan.